A lifetime pet parent and professional who understands the demands of hectic work schedules, the need for holiday travel and obligations, along with the quality of life. Decades of living and walking by the lake, enjoying excursions, exploring nature with furry soulmates led to their forever home and mission Love, Licks and Wags By The Lake. A quiet treed neighbourhood in Long Branch, so close to the water you can hear the boats in the summer and the sound of waves crashing on the beach and rocks year-round.

Having an immense amount of admiration, compassion and understanding for canines in all shapes, sizes and ages from hilarious puppies to glorious seniors has us offering a cozy home environment, implementing positive reinforcement techniques. Naturally instinctive, an honour and a pleasure to care for them, eyes, ears and hands-on from arrival to departure. Giving clients freedom and peace of mind knowing their dog(s) will be safe, sound and loved with many years of tail wagging journeys.

While dogs stay at Love, Licks and Wags By The Lake, they have full run of the backyard, the main floor of the residence and the 2nd level zen den. They get plenty of attention, exercise and chill-out time. It is a safe, fun sanctuary for all dogs.


  • A family-owned and occupied triplex outfitted especially for the dogs. No stairs needed!

  • Slate tiled heated floors in the “spaw” room for cold weather body warming/cooling in the summer.

  • 3.5 foot half solid wood barrier doors throughout the entire residence.

  • Crate free residential environment with space available to accommodate.

  • Soothing nature music throughout the day and night, the natural sounds calm and comfort the dogs.

  • Easy access doggie door from the interior of the main level to the gated back deck with a ramp to the backyard and parking.

  • Secure fenced in backyard with keyed locked main gates and a locked secondary entry gate, e.g., Similar to the off-leash park entry system from the VIP parking.

  • The backyard is the private off-leash area with an easy access ramp to the deck and main floor of the house. The outdoor area has a paw pool in the summer and attached garage converted into the outside/inside playroom for all seasons and weather conditions. Deck and ramp offer plenty of optional sunny and shady areas to explore, run around and time out.

  • What goes in their mouths matters, only pet-safe toys allowed on-premises.

  • Where noses and paws sniff and touch matters too, pet-friendly property, mulch, gardens.

  • No off-leash walks or parks. All dogs are leashed walked to lakeside paths close to the residence and around the immediate neighbourhood. Dogs never get in a vehicle unless there is an emergency, or when travelling from their home to Love, Licks and Wags By The Lake and back again.

  • Dogs receive healthy mental stimulation and physical activity for emotional balance while staying at Love, Licks and Wags By The Lake.

  • Photos of the residence will be sent via email to potential clients before the scheduled meet and greet along with Love, Licks and Wags By The Lake’s registration and information forms to be filled out and sent back before the meeting.