What happens if my dog becomes ill?

If possible arrangements will be made to take clients dog to their vet. If this is not possible then to the closest veterinary hospital. Any veterinarian costs will be the owner's/client's responsibility. All veterinarian bills will be paid 100% by the owner/client.

Does my dog need to have vaccinations?

Yes. All dogs need to be fully vaccinated. The primary course of vaccination must be completed at least 2 weeks before the date of initial meeting. Clients must submit proof of vaccinations including flea and tick prevention prior to arrival. Dogs with minimum core vaccines with titre test letters and medical documents from their veterinarian stating they are not allowed for medical reasons may be considered-e.g., IMHA-Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.

What if my dog is on medication?

Not a problem, administration of supplements and/or medication included. There must be enough medication to last for the duration of the stay with detailed instructions to ensure proper dosages.

Do you accept puppies and seniors?

Yes. Well-trained dogs are accepted and appreciated. Respecting all stages of life, offering special provisions and the TLC needed to ensure their well being. It is fulfilling to help, they are all unique as is the dedication they require.

Do you accept all dogs?

No, intact males, unspayed bitches, aggressive or incessant barkers, unvaccinated or dogs that do not have flea and tick prevention are not accepted.

Where will my dog(s) sleep?

They can choose to sleep wherever they feel the most comfortable. If they prefer their crate then please bring for boarding stays.

What do I need to bring?

All contracts must be completed, signed and received before acceptance. It is advisable to add a piece of clothing that has a pet parent scent or what is best for them to cuddle with while away. It helps dogs who may have initial separation anxiety. Requirements: e.g., Food, bones/chewies, treats, feeding bowls, medication, supplements, collar/harness, lead, bed, favourite blanket and toys. All dog tags e.g., Municipality/city tags, vaccination tags and dogs/owner’s information tags are a must.



Inform your vet ahead of time, let them know that you are away, should there be an emergency the actions you wish them to take along with Love, Licks and Wags By The Lake’s contact information.


Add Love, Licks and Wags By The Lake’s information to your travel documents so you can make contact if there are changes in the schedule.


Include extra food and medical supplies in the event of schedule changes.

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